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Let The Parents See Your Work

Easily share memorable moments with parents

The app is free of charge for educational frameworks! (limited-time offer)

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"I feel like parents can see instantaneously everything I do for their child"


Adi, Kindergarten Teacher,


"It's so intuitive and easy to use. My pictures upload fast with no issues. Simply amazing!"

Sarah, Kindergarten Teacher
Gan Shomron

"I love it that my son's pictures are shown first!"

Efrat, mother to Oren, 
Ramat Hashofet

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Easy to Use

All media is saved on the cloud at full quality

Educators can delete pictures from their phone

Parents can download only the pictures they want

Parents will thank you!

Parents can see their child’s picture first (How? With AI!)
Memories won’t get lost in between group texts
Memories are safely stored for a lifetime

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Safe, Fast, User-Friendly Interface

Upload media even when your phone is locked

Simply share with parents via invitation link

In accordance with the highest data security standards

Got any questions?

Check out our quick set-up video!

Need help? We can help you set everything up!

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