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   Timelines Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use

   Privacy Policy

  • The terms of the company's privacy policy, which are detailed in these terms of use below and are an integral part of them, present you with the general lines regarding how the company collects and uses the information you provided through the application and/or its partner and published by you through other means when using Timelines or as part of the purchase of the services and/or or the company's products. Also, the terms of the privacy states describe the manner in which the company collects information, the type of information collected by it, the manner in which the information is used and the manner in which any user can remove, correct or change it.


  • The company and/or anyone on its behalf respects your privacy and is committed to maintaining and protecting the personal information it holds about you. The company operates and will operate in accordance with the terms of the privacy policy, the provisions of Israeli law relevant to the protection of privacy, including according to the Privacy Protection Law and the regulations established pursuant to it.


  • Before providing information through the use of Timelines, please make sure that you have read the terms of the privacy policy and the terms of use, because by actually using Timelines and browsing it, including providing information through the application, you agree to accept these conditions, with all that this implies. You do not have to provide information about yourself, however, without providing such information and consent, it is not possible to make full use of the services offered by Timelines and/or any purchase of services and/or products offered by the company.

   Information We Collect


  • The company will be entitled to collect the following types of information during your use of Timelines and/or as part of any interaction you have with the company and/or anyone on its behalf:


  • Personal information including contact information - information or identification information that identifies the user personally and was knowingly and actively provided by him in Timelines for the purpose of registration, receiving information, receiving and/or purchasing services and products and making payment for them. The information will include, among other things: full name, identity card, association number, address, telephone number, email addresses, information on payment methods, information on purchase performance, information on his age, information on his marital status (as far as he is a parent), Information about training and education (as long as it is a teaching staff or kindergartener), information about the activity in the application (which includes the number of logins to the application, viewing the application pages, the shared posts and the comments made by the user, etc.) .

  • Photos and videos - The Timelines application transfers photos and videos that the user selects during the regular use of the application and uploads them to its servers in the cloud in order to keep them backed up for future use by the user. If the file upload process fails, the app will try to re-upload them in the background.


  • Non-personal information - information that is mainly anonymous, statistical and aggregated collected by the company and/or its suppliers and/or partners passively about the use and/or activation of the application by the user, which cannot be personally identified by the user. The aforementioned information will include, among other things, the type of mobile device, the time the user entered the application, the user's internet protocol address, etc.


  • Also, the company may use temporary or permanent cookies and internet tags for the proper operation of the Applicia, for the purpose of providing information content, streamlining the services, adjusting the user's personal preferences, for information security needs, as well as for the purpose of collecting non-personal information.



  • The company's use of cookies helps the company collect information relating to, among other things, identifying the user when re-entering the application, to profiles and ads, to the sites that led you to the application, the IP address, the duration of surfing the application, information about the hours and times you used the application, information about the parts In the application you browsed, for the purpose of statistical analysis and generating reports on the use of the application and/or its parts.


  • You may refuse while blocking the possibility of using cookies on the part of the company, however, if you choose to do so, it is possible that parts or features of the application will be limited for you, or the ability to use the application will be limited.


  • As part of the activity and operation of the application, the company may make use of Google Analytics in order to collect non-personal information and in this way adapt advertisements that will be presented to you to topics that will interest you, and everything is subject to the terms of use and the privacy policy of the global company Google .


   The purposes of using the information


  • You agree that leaving and providing personal information about you in Tailimes and its use, including publication and sharing of content, to be included in the company's database registered by law with the Authority for the Protection of Privacy. The goals of the database are:


  • Provision of services in Timelines, including for the purpose of establishing contact for the provision of services;

  • collection;

  • Providing service to customers, including managing a customer club, providing support and handling requests in connection with the services and products offered by the company:

  • Marketing needs, including sending inquiries by direct mail in relation to the services and products that the company and/or someone on its behalf and/or its related companies provide and/or sending marketing and/or advertising materials in connection with the aforementioned types of services and products through various media, subject to obtaining your prior written consent;

  • Data mining, statistical needs and research;

  • Data Security;

  • Fulfilling the requirements of the law, including but not limited to managing a database by virtue of legal obligation;

  • Sales management, marketing and customer recruitment and direct mail (subject to the law);

  • Protection and maintenance of legal rights of the company and/or Timelines and other parties;


   Transfer of information to entities and third parties


  • The company may share and share the information with third parties in the following cases:


  • In the event that the user violates the terms of use of the site or tries to perform actions that are against any law;

  • Third parties that provide the company with services for the purpose of operating the company's activities and/or Timelines, including for the provision of Timelines services.

  • Third parties that supervise the provision of the company's services and products, including but not limited to relevant government ministries, the Ministry of Education, the Authority for the Protection of Privacy, etc.

  • For the purpose of realizing the goals specified in the terms of the privacy policy and for the purpose of enforcing the terms of use or other agreements or other policies of the company.

  • Pursuant to a judicial order of a court, in response to a subpoena or other investigative demand, a demand from an enforcement authority or other governmental authority;

  • to determine and exercise the company's legal rights;

  • For the purpose of defending against lawsuits as required by law. In such cases, the company may raise or waive an objection or a right available to it, in accordance with its sole discretion;

  • for the purpose of preventing, reporting or taking other action regarding illegal activity, suspicion of fraud or other wrongdoing in the context of use by a user or other party on the site;

  • To protect the rights, legitimate interests, property or safety of the company and/or its employees and/or users of Timelines or others.

  • In the case of a substantial change in the ownership of a company, including the sale of the company's activities, a merger with another body, etc.



   Right to review, correction and deletion


  • In accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, every person has the right to request to review personal information held in a database. To the extent that he reviewed the information on it and found that it is not correct, complete, clear or updated, he may contact the company with a request to correct the information or delete it.


  • Such a request will be made through a written notice to the company by sending an email to 

  • The company will act to fulfill the user's request in accordance with the obligations imposed on it by law.


  • ​It is clarified that with regard to information that is not personal and cannot be identified by the user, the company reserves the right to make any use of the information and/or transfer it to third parties without any restriction, and you will not have any claim and/or claim and/or demand against the company regarding for that.




  • The company uses appropriate security measures for the type of information in its possession and in accordance with the provisions of the law in order to maintain the privacy of the users' information within the framework of the use of Timelines. The company uses reasonable and accepted protection and security measures used in the field to protect your personal information.

  • Although the company makes the best efforts to protect the personal information, it cannot be guaranteed completely and there may be security breaches and intrusions into the application. The company is unable to guarantee that the application will be completely immune from intrusion or unauthorized access, therefore to the extent that it takes reasonable security measures and is required by law, it will not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of intrusion and/or hacking and/or transfer of information to any party due to intrusion or hacking as mentioned.

   Changes to the terms of the privacy policy

The company will be entitled to change these privacy policy instructions from time to time. In any case where substantial changes are made to the instructions regarding the use of personal information provided by the user, an appropriate notice will be published on behalf of the company.




   Timelines Terms Of Use


  • Welcome to the  Timelines application (hereinafter: "Timelines" or the "Application"). The application is operated and managed by Introspective Ltd. P.F. 516478278 (hereinafter: "the company" ).

  • The headings and sections appearing in these terms of use are for convenience and orientation only, and will not be given any weight for the purpose of their interpretation.


  • The use of the masculine language in these terms of use is for convenience purposes only, but it is addressed to both women and men.


  • Please be sure to carefully read the instructions of these terms of use, including the privacy policy detailed therein. The terms of use constitute a binding agreement between you and Timelines and/or the company for all intents and purposes.


  • Timelines is a platform that constitutes a social network for teaching staff, kindergarten teachers and parents of students and/or kindergarten children for the purpose of secure communication, publication and uploading of content, photos, events, activities, messages and any other content relevant to the activity of educational frameworks (hereinafter: "Content" or " Content " ), in accordance with the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Education.


  • Timelines use is intended exclusively for teaching staff, kindergarteners and parents of students of the various educational frameworks and/or kindergarten children (hereinafter: "the user" or "the users" ). Another use of Timelines is for private or shared documentation of daily events by individuals.


  • The use of Timelines, the content and information contained therein are subject to these terms of use, since they regulate the relationship between the company and/or Timelines and the user who uses Timelines and all the services and/or products offered therein as well as the information and content contained therein.


  • When using Timelines, the company may collect various types of information about you and even transfer it to third parties for specific purposes, as detailed below in these terms of use under the "Privacy Policy" chapter. There the privacy policy of the company and/or Timelines will be detailed, including the types of information that may be collected about you and the third parties to whom said information will be transferred.


  • The company and/or Timelines reserve the right to change and update from time to time the terms of use and its privacy policy at its sole discretion, without the need for prior notice. Please be sure to read the terms of use carefully and update them from time to time.



   The use of timelines


  • The use of Timelines and its contents are offered to the public as is (" AS IS "). All information and data contained therein, including information about products and/or services offered therein, are updated and correct only as of the date indicated therein or alongside them.


  • The use of Timelines is open and available to everyone free of charge, unless specifically stated otherwise regarding the company's services and/or products as they are offered in the application.


  • Browsing and/or using Timelines, the company's services and products, information as well as the content available on Timelines are solely for legal purposes and for the purposes for which Timelines operates only.


  • It is absolutely forbidden to carry out any action that constitutes a violation of the provisions of the terms of use and/or the provisions of any law and/or that has the potential to harm or impair the rights of the company and/or any third party and/or that may harm For Timelines and all types of its platforms in any form.


  • When you use the services of Timelines, you know that there is an absolute prohibition against using the content that appears and/or is published on Timelines in a way that deviates from the conditions detailed in these terms of use, unless you have received the explicit consent of the company in advance and/or the publisher of the content.


  • When using Timelines services, you may share and publish content or content that does not harm or violate the rights of third parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, privacy and modesty of the other person, reputation and damage to the good name, etc.



   Terms of registration, verification, payment and cancellation policy


  • Upon your registration for Timelines, you hereby approve and accept the instructions of these terms of use and undertake to act according to them.


  • Upon registering for Timelines, you must create and maintain a user account that will be used by you to post content, view content and any other use of Timelines in accordance with and subject to these terms of use, according to the account types and possible profiles as follows:


  • An account for teaching staff and kindergartners : an account that allows publishing content in accordance with these terms of use, opening a group that will be used by the same kindergarten or educational setting and inviting parents of the students or children of the educational setting or kindergarten, as the case may be, to view publication and share content. When sending the invitation to the parents, the teaching staff or kindergarten teacher will have the option and access to verify the identity of the parents.

  • Account for parents : an account that allows you to view content published by a teaching staff or gardener and publishing as well as sharing content subject to these terms of use.

  • Account for individuals : an account that allows you to create timelines by subjects, and add posts with text  and media inside them, privately or with others.


  • By approving these terms of use and by opening an account on Timelines, you hereby confirm, as follows:

  • You are not insolvent and no application for insolvency, liquidation or creditor arrangement has been filed in your case and you are not legally invalid.

  • As long as you are teaching staff or kindergartners, you have all the necessary approvals, licenses and permits from the parents of the children or students (as the case may be) to order, publish and share content about their children.

  • To the extent that you are parents, you are the legal guardian of your children and you can give permission to the kindergartner or the teaching staff to take pictures of your children, publish the pictures through the services of Timelines and allow other parents to expect to share said content.

  • You do not live in an enemy country and you do not belong to a terrorist organization.

  • You have not been convicted of crimes and no indictment has been filed against you for sexual offenses.


  • Registering for Timelines and opening the account will be done through one Google or Apple account, without the need for a dedicated password. When registering for Timelines, the company will check your identity using various means and tools and may require additional identification in accordance with its sole discretion. Also, the company will verify your Timelines account by sending an alert message to your email address linked to the Google Play or App Store .


  • When you register for Timelines, you undertake that you will not have more than one account and will properly and reasonably maintain your access to your Timelines account so that others will not have access. Do not share your account login details with other parties and in any case of hacking or unauthorized use of the account, you are required to report it immediately to the company and/or Timelines by contacting the address:


  • Currently, the services of Timelines (listed below in these terms of use) are provided in exchange for payment according to the following rates and depending on the type of subscription and storage volume you choose when you register for Timelines:


  • A basic annual subscription to the application that includes a storage volume of 10 GB - at a rate of 10 USD (including VAT)

  • An extended annual subscription to the application that includes a storage volume of 50 GB - at a rate of 20 USD (including VAT)


  • Free. The company and/or Timelines will be entitled to update its prices and rates from time to time. In any case of changes or updates to the rates of the services, we will make sure to send you a notification in advance to the email address you provided when registering for Timelines.


  • If a payment is determined for Timelines services, all or part of them, you will receive a thirty (30) day notice from us in advance, including instructions for payment and complete information about the payment for your subscription will be charged through your credit card associated with the Google Play store or App Store .


  • The payment terms and cancellation policy of Timelines will be in accordance with the law and in accordance with the payment and cancellation policy of Google Play and/or App Store . When you use Timelines services, you approve and agree to the billing and payment terms through Google Play and/or App Store and our payment and cancellation policies.





   The services and products offered in Timelines


  • Subject to the terms of use and all laws, the company will provide the following services through Timelines:


  • Creating a private or shared timeline - you can create a timeline in which you can upload posts, photos, events and more, whether you are parents or whether you are kindergartners and teaching staff. You can define and determine whether the timeline will be private or shared so that other users can view it.

  • Publishing and sharing text, photos and media - you can publish a post and share photos within the classroom or kindergarten, as the case may be, in the dedicated group in accordance with the group's definitions and subject to these terms of use. In this framework you can

  • Posting and creating a response - You can post a response to any posts to which you have access, whether a response to a post published by you or a response to a post published in dedicated groups to which you have joined, subject to the settings defined by the group administrators.

  • Publishing events and announcements - as teaching staff or kindergarteners, they can publish events and announcements regarding the activities of the education framework or kindergarten for parents.

  • Publication of sponsored and/or promoted events and services - the company will from time to time publish sponsored and promoted events, services and products within the Timelines platform. It is clarified that the company and/or Timelines are an advertising entity and have no responsibility for these events and/or for the nature and quality of the advertised services and products.

  • Photo storage and sharing - you can upload photos and videos in the application. All media is stored on the company's servers in a secure manner. Only those who received an invitation to a certain timeline can view the photos uploaded to it.

  • Publishing comments to posts - there is an option for users to comment on posts uploaded in a shared timeline, according to the settings chosen by the group administrator


  • The use of Timelines and Services is provided under and subject to existing and available storage space for your account. Therefore, for the purpose of using Timelines' services and interfaces, you will be required to purchase a subscription with storage space, according to your choice and according to the scope of your use and the storage space required for your use.


  • The company will be entitled at any time to upgrade, add or subtract the services and their conditions, all or in part, in accordance with its sole discretion.


  • The company and/or Timelines will send you updates and information from time to time to your email address. You can stop receiving the messages at any time.



   Use of User Content


  • Timeline will allow any user to view content and/or content of other users who have shared it in their timeline through a dedicated join link. And, to create posts and comment on posts within a group to which the user has been invited in accordance with the group administrator's settings .


  • You hereby declare and undertake that you are the sole, exclusive or authorized owner of any content and/or content and/or images that you publish or will publish on Timelines and also, no rights granted to a third party have been violated due to the use and sharing of the content and/or content you uploaded on Timelines.


  • You declare and undertake that no claim and/or demand and/or claim has been filed against you for violating any rights of third parties or any other cause of action for publishing or sharing content on Timelines and/or for any other use of Timelines services.


  • You hereby grant the company and/or Timelines a direct use license, free of charge and royalty-free, a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, permanent and time-limited license to use your content and/or allow any user of Timelines to use your content through the services that Timelines offers , including by way of releasing derivative works, republishing, sharing, distributing and any other action.


  • Timelines will allow access to your content to other users who are in the group associated with the educational setting or kindergarten, in which you posted. As long as there is a judicial order or a demand on behalf of a competent governmental authority, Timelines will be entitled and will also be required to transfer any content that is required, including content published and shared by you.

  • The content you published in Timelanes will be saved without any time limit. At the same time, Timelines will be entitled to remove content without any reason after a period of two weeks , as well as remove content immediately if it constitutes a violation of these terms of use, after the user has been notified of this.


  • You can remove the content you published, unless it is content that Timelines will be forced to keep and present to third parties. It is clarified that as long as a user has downloaded the content you published and saved me on his device, the content will be saved in his possession and will be available.


  • You can report any content that, to the best of your understanding, is offensive, contrary to Timelines' terms of use, violates your rights, or harms your reputation by clicking Report on Timelines or submitting a complaint to the address: . Timelines will examine your complaint in accordance with its reasonableness and the instructions of these terms of use



   Limiting the use of Timelines

The company and/or Timelines will be entitled to block a user or deny him access to the application, temporarily or permanently, if, at their sole discretion, in any of the following cases:


  • The user acted or tried to act through Timelines in violation of any law and/or in violation of the provisions of the law.


  • The user acted or attempted to act contrary to the instructions of the terms of use.


  • The user has acted in a manner that has or may harm the company in any way and/or its taste and/or its brand and/or the contents contained in Timelines and/or the normal operation of Timelines.


  • The user provided the company with incorrect details when registering and/or provided details and information without the consent of a third party.


  • It became clear to the company that the user is not legally qualified to use Timelines.


  • The user made orders or purchased products or services fraudulently or without authorization.


  • The user is not a teaching worker, kindergarten teacher or parent of a child in an educational setting or kindergarten.


  • The user has shared or published content that violates the rights of any third party, including intellectual property rights of a third party, violates the privacy of another, including minors without the consent of the legal guardian, harms the good name of another, including racist expressions and incitement, abuse, and more.


   Intellectual Property

  • The trademarks and service marks, logos and slogans that exist and appear in Timelines are the trademarks of the company and/or anyone on its behalf and/or other parties and may not be copied or used, in whole or in part, without written permission from the company or the owner of the trademark.


  • All content and information available on Timelines that is not shared or processed by users, including but not limited to trademarks, copyrights, images, application design, application code, graphics, videos, images, texts, text files, files offered for download and any other material that appears in the application - fully belong to the company and constitute the exclusive intellectual property of the company and/or anyone on its behalf and/or third parties (if and unless otherwise expressly stated) and may not be used without the express written permission of the company in advance.

  • You may not distribute, reproduce, publish, copy, or process part of the code, graphics, videos, trademarks or any other media and content, without obtaining prior written permission from the company and/or someone on its behalf and/or parties Third, as the case may be.


   Responsibilities and obligations of the user


  • You undertake that you will not make any commercial use of the information, contents and services found in Timelines for any purposes and you are not allowed to allow any use of the information, such contents to any third parties, either in return or not.


  • You undertake to use the application, the contents, the information, the services included in it only according to the law and subject to the provisions of the terms of use.


  • You undertake not to upload and/or retrieve and/or transmit and/or publish and/or distribute information or any other material that includes a virus or other software that may damage the company's computer systems and/or may damage and/or limit and/or prevent the The proper use of the application.


  • You undertake not to upload and/or retrieve and/or transmit and/or publish and/or distribute information or other material that may violate the property rights of others, including intellectual property rights and/or any other property right of the company or any other party.


  • You undertake not to use the application in a manner that constitutes fraud, deception, forgery, alteration or deletion of information;


  • You agree and undertake to indemnify and indemnify the company and/or any other third party for any claim, direct or indirect damage, costs and/or any expense incurred by the company arising from the terms of use and/or the use of Timelines as well as as a result of publishing any content that the user has published, saved or shared using Timelines;


   Lack of warranty:

  • The company operates a collaborative platform which, as mentioned, constitutes a social network and therefore it cannot be responsible for the content published by other users.


  • The company aims to provide you with the information presented in Timelines and its services without interruptions, but due to technical considerations, failures of third parties or others, interruptions in the availability of Timelines may occur. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that Timelines will be available at any time without interruption, and no financial or other compensation will be given due to malfunctions during registration or payment, interruption of the service, downloading the application, etc.


  • It is clarified that the company will not be responsible for any direct and/or indirect damage due to access to and use of the application or due to any prevention of access or use of the application. The company will not bear any responsibility or liability for any disruption, error or omission in the content of the application and its use for all that is implied is done at the sole responsibility of the user.


  • The company is not and will not be responsible for any damage, including due to malfunctions and/or "viruses" and/or software applications of any kind, to the user's computer equipment or any other property of the user, caused by the use of the application or access to it, including due to downloading information of any kind which is from the app.


   Marketing and direct mail


  • When you register for Timelines, you hereby confirm that the details you provided will be used by the company and/or Tinelines and/or someone on its behalf and/or third parties working in cooperation with it to receive direct mail and advertising material, including through emails and text messages (hereinafter: "Direct Mail " ).


  • It is possible that when registering, it will be possible to give consent to receive direct mail from the company by checking a box designated for this or when registering for the company's services to the email inbox and/or to the cell phone, and this will constitute your consent to receive advertising messages according to law.


  • It is clarified that you can ask the company at any time to stop receiving mailings and/or advertising material by contacting the company and/or using the removal options that will appear in the mailings that will be sent. Communication details for removal request: fax ____________, email: ___________.


  • Keep in mind that it is possible that even after the removal request, the company will continue to send mailings that it must and/or is allowed to send according to law, even without such consent.


  • For the avoidance of doubt, it will be clarified that the provisions regarding marketing and direct mail are subject to the provisions of the law, including the provisions of the Communications (Bezek and Broadcasting) Law, 5772-1982 and the Privacy Protection Law, 5771-1981 (hereinafter: the "Privacy Protection Law" ) .


   Law and place of jurisdiction :

  • These terms of use, including the privacy policy detailed therein, constitute everything agreed between the parties and prevail over any written or oral agreement, proposal, unless otherwise expressly agreed.


  • These terms of use were written and drafted in the Hebrew language. In case of differences of opinion regarding the discrepancy between the original Hebrew version and the translation, the original version in the Hebrew language will be given priority and will prevail over any version of the translation.


  • Israeli law will apply exclusively to these terms of use. The exclusive jurisdiction for any matter related to these terms of use and the use of Timelines, including with regard to their validity and interpretation, will be given to the competent courts in Tel Aviv.


  • Should it be determined that any part of the terms of use is invalid or unenforceable, then the clauses that were invalidated or decided to be unenforceable will be considered replaced by valid and enforceable clauses, and the other clauses of the terms of use will remain in effect.

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