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Subscription Terms for Timelines App

  • The basic use of the Timelines app is for free. A user can create as much timelines as he wants and add unlimited number of posts inside each timeline. However, a user without subcription can upload only up to four images per post he creates and is not able to upload video files at all. Exporting timeline's data out of the app is not available for non subscribers either.

  • Media Upload: With a subscription, you can add up to 50 photos per post and upload videos to your timelines, enhancing your storytelling.

  • Export Feature: Subscribers can export all timeline data into a zip file and send it to their email, ensuring your memories are always accessible.

  • Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your subscription at any time through the Play Store or App Store's subscription management page. 

    • ios:

    • android: 

      • Open the Google Play Store app

      • Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.

      • Select "Payments & subscriptions" from the menu.

      • Tap "Subscriptions."

  • Annual Subscription: Your subscription is billed annually. Even if you cancel, you'll retain premium access until the end of the current billing year.

  • Post-Cancellation Access:

    • After your subscription ends, you can still access your timelines and posts.

    • You will be limited to adding up to 4 images per post and won't be able to upload new videos or export timeline data.

  • Data Retention: Your data is not deleted after your subscription ends. You can continue to view your timelines and existing content.

  • Easy Management: Manage your subscription directly from the Play Store or App Store to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel as needed.

Keeping Your Memories Alive

Timelines is committed to helping you document and cherish your most precious moments. Whether it's the growth of your child, the evolution of your relationships, or the adventures with your pets and travels, we're here to ensure these memories are preserved and easily shareable.

For further assistance or more information, please contact our support team: 

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